September Round Up

So the Winter is finally coming to a close in Melbourne and it’s a big relief. The sun has started to appear and thinks are shaping up to be a great summer. Some of my friends from back home have moved here for a year now, so we have a nice group of people to hang out with.

On Saturday, we had a barbecue in a friends house. Unfortunately, they don’t sell disposables over here and at 7PM on a Saturday night things wern’t looking good for our fridge full of BBQ ready food. Queue some MacGyver type innovation using bricks stolen off a nearby building site, a shopping trolley from Woolworths, a bag of charcoal and some methylated spirits and 90 minutes later we had a smashing BBQ cooking away that bested the majority of those I’ve enjoyed in the past.

I have been playing very little poker since my last post. I try to go to the casino once a fortnight to get a game in, but other than that, I’ve played little to no serious poker. I’ve got a number of different websites on the go at the minute all of which take a serious amount of time and effort to manage and maintain.

I’ve been playing a small bit of lower stakes this week to try and get back into the swing of things.

Heading to Sydney next week for a holiday to see my brother and his family. He’s a school teacher so I’ll get to hang out with him for 8 or 9 days during the school holidays. Also, have to do some touristy stuff in Sydney with the g/f which I’m not looking forward to.

Got my lazy ass back in the gym this week after 2 months of being a slob and doing no exercise. Summer time is nearing so have to get rid of the beer belly.

Hope to update this more frequently over the coming months, though as with everything thats easier said than done.

Anyways, as promised, another John Lennon song I love though it definitely wont be to everyones taste


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