Rakeback Deals

Ignore this post, just need to get some pages on my site reindexed:

Full Tilt Poker Rakeback – 27% rakeback on Full Tilt Poker

Everest Poker Rakeback – Information about Everest’s VIP scheme

The Cereus network is starting to grow again after the superuser scandal that took place last year.

The two sites to check out on the network are:

Absolute Poker Rakeback and Ultimate Bet Rakeback both of which offer 30% rakeback to all new players.

Other popular deals right now are Cake Poker Rakeback and Betfair Poker Rakeback

My next post should be advertisement free šŸ™‚

I will add one thing. Most people probably don’t know I’m a massive John Lennon fan. I think his solo work is hugely underrated and it makes me sad that he was killed at such an early age when he was starting to produce some of his best solo work.

Anyways this is one of his solo works that I love and most people have probably never even heard. I’ll try to post some more in subsequent blogs.


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