Working hard

To those of you who have been inundating my comment box with messages, apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have been working my ass off on a number of things:

1. I finally found a good content writer for my site Rakebackftw. Over the course of the past 6 weeks I’ve hired and fired 5 different writers. I’m extremely picky when it comes to writing style and some of the stuff I reviewed was horrendous. Anyways I’m very happy with the new guy and looking forward to working with him. I’ve hired him to do 7 articles a week for my site with topics ranging from poker news to poker strategy to player bios.

Here’s a sample of some of his work:

7 habits of highly successful poker players

EU argues online gambling crackdown violates international trade law

Tom Dwan

2. Search engine optimization – this is a cnut and takes endless hours. On the upside my site is now appearing on the front page of google for some search terms that have over half a million competitors. That’s pretty awesome and it’s really rewarding for me to see my hard work paying off.

3. I’m working on a new site with a poker friend from We’re about 10-14 days away from having the site completed. It’s really starting to come together well and I cant wait to start promoting it. Will keep you updated on this as we don’t want anything away until after we’ve launched.

4. Gym – I’ve been super lazy. Yesterday was the first time I’ve gone in a week and I only went once last week. I’m going to have to get motivated to start working out at least 4 or 5 times a week again. Because Im working such long hours I need to keep mental and physical fitness at their peaks. My muscles are sore as hell today which is another reason not to let it go so long next time

5. Poker – 2 -5k days in a row = take a break for a while. Was up almost 20k after 10 days of the month and now I’m up around 6k. Only played once this week at small stakes to clear my head from the melt factor of staring at a content management system for 14 hours straight.

Melbourne is starting to get really cold. My girlfriend cant get a job because noone is hiring non residents. So I’m getting to enjoy repeats of the Simpsons and SpongeBob Square Pants for the majority of the day đŸ™‚

Going to the casino this weekend to try and win the months rent due next week.

Gl to y’all.


One Response to “Working hard”

  1. Eric McDaid Says:

    Hope it all works out for ya, you are definitely putting in a lot of work.

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