More Donkaments, Back Online, New Content

Since my last update, I played one more tournament. It was a $550 6max tournament with a 10k starting stack and 40 minute blinds. I played quite well, but never got above 12k all day.

I busted out with 90 or so players left when I shoved the button with A9s for ten BBs. SB has ATs and that was it. The tournament had a great structure and I’m really disappointed I didn’t do better, as I probably had 100 times more experience at 6 max than the majority of the field.

One thing I noticed is I play a little bit weak tight in certain situations. For example, I got 3bet when I raised 89o on the button. The next orbit i folded Q9o when I had a smallish stack. Online I’d always raise or shove this hand when the pot was unopened. I had a few annoying hands like that where I should have shoved but convinced myself not to. Not huge mistakes in isolation, but overall the sum of the mistakes add up to sub optimal play and play that is in no way good enough to go deep in a tournament like that.

The live cash games went really well. I made something like 16k Aussie Dollars overall (minus about 3k in tournament buyins). The 5/10/20 PLO games in Crown are great. They had some sick holdem games going too. A friend of a friend was up 250k from 5 or 6 sessions of 25/25/50/100 holdem. Sick stuff.

I just added some new content to Rakebackftw. For those of you who are interested in improving your preflop play, I’ve written this series of articles about preflop strategy.

The next series of articles will be a ten part series on 3betting that I’ve commission from a really good poker strategist. I’ll update my blog with links once they’re live.

This week I started back online. Had 3 good days and one bad day thus far. Yesterday I went from +2k -5k in about 40 minutes. I lost 3 65:35s, an 80:20 and a 45:55. At the end of the session I was a little bit tilted. I won back a buyin and a half and quit down 3k.

PLO is a sick game. It’s funny that I’m winning about 9k overall this week, yet because of one day where I ran badly, it feels like it’s a losing week. I’m thinking of getting a mental game coach to get out of this mindset. Obviously, it’s natural to be deflated when you’re faced with huge swings, but right now I’m not dealing with them as well as can be.

Starting in June, I’m going to start setting weekly goals. I’ve 3 different projects running concurrently right now and managing them all is a nightmare. I need to start using more effective time management and giving myself some more free time to enjoy myself.



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