MPC Terminator Tournament

Yesterday I played the $340 terminator tournament at the Melbourne Poker Championships. It was a $200+$40+$100 scalp chip. Every time you knock a player out you receive a scalp chip and collect $100. The starting stack was 5000 with 30 minute levels. I got a scalp quite early on when I isolated with aces and the guy shoved with 66 and I held up. I played one interesting hand at 75/150. It’s folded to me in MP and I open KhQd to 450. The button calls and everyone else folds. The flop is As9s3h. I cbet 675 and he thinks and calls. The turn is the 2s and I check. He checks back. The river is the Js putting a four flush on board. I consider checking, but I think his range is always Axs with na small chance of 9x or TT-QQ. I think he bets flushes 100% on the turn with the exception of the nut flush. So I consider 3 different bet sizes, really small milking bet of 450. A bigger milker of 675 or a big bet of 1100. The guy was wearing a shirt and tie and looked like he had come straight from the office to play the tournament. So using this life read as information, I decide the big bet is best to stop him from hero calling. Anyway he tanks for 3 or 4 minutes and reads my soul, calling with Ad8d for the top pair.

So that put me down to 4000 or so and a few orbits later, I find QQ in MP. UTG who has been nitting it up opens to 600. I flat call and the villain from the above hand 3bets otb. UTG shoves and I fold. Button calls. UTG – AA, button – KK. I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing that I manged to fold QQ with 12 big blinds left.

Next orbit I triple up when I get KK in the BB after UTG opens and SB shoves. KK vs QQ vs JJ and then our table breaks. My new table is alot softer with 4 donkeys with huge chip stacks. Blinds are soon 300/600 and I’ve 12k. Completely card dead, I keep shipping the cutoff/button in unopened pots to stay afloat. Table breaks again and I get moved to another table of donks. I’ve been card dead for 2 hours and I still have 12k. Blinds are 600/1200 and I ship AKo in MP. The massive chip leader reshoves. He flips AA and I brick out in 45th/235 with just one scalp. Sigh. Standard tournament run for me.

A few levels into the tournament I ended up chatting with one of the guys at my table. He was friends witha  guy I speak with alot online but I’d never met in person. We’d meant to meet up about 10 different times both in Australia and when I lived in Hong Kong (he lives in Macau). We ended up having abit of banter and him and his mates insisted on getting me pissed early on in the donkament. when our table broke I’d go the thirst so I continued boozing all night. After the donkament I sat into a 5/10 PLO game. A few hands in I lose a buyin on Td7d5c2c with Tc7c3d4d (top 2 pair, open ended straight draw and 2 flush draws) vs 55.  At this stage I’m mouthing off to the entire table with incessant rants and commenting about how bad everyone is. 2 old nits who I played with in the plo tournament midweek have gone from 10% VPIP to 100% VPIP for any raise preflop. Quite funny how a little bit of talking can really affect other people’s play. I ended up winning 6k in the game and stubmled home to bed at about 4am.

Today is Day 1 of a $230 100k guaranteed. I’m going to play Day 2 tomorrow instead because I’m pretty hungover right now and Im sure there will be more donks playing on Saturday. Hopefully I can get a decent run in that. Also going to the play the $2700 ANZPT event, the $1100 main event, the $550 6 max where I’ll have a massive edge and maybe the $550 HORSE if I have time.

Until next time….


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