Melbourne Poker Championships

This week, the Melbourne Poker Championships started in the Crown Casino. I went down on the first day to play a small buyin event ($150+$25) to try and get reacquainted with a live poker enviroment. The tournament was a disaster from start to finish. I thought it started at 12:30. When I arrived at 12:50 they had been playing 40 minutes. I decided to register and was added to a small alternate list. I finally got to take my seat at 13:30 or so. My starting stack was 4000 and we were about to change to the 75/150 level. In my very first hand, the hijack opened to 450. I looked down at 66 in the cutoff. I immediately felt depressed realising that any opening raise would be 10% of my stack so that from my first hand onwards I will not have implied odds to flat any hands preflop.

The table was the worst standard of poker I’ve ever seen. A mixture of nits and donks, all equally terrible. I opened a few hands in LP and took the blinds. I had my stack up to 6.5k when I open TT to 450 at 75/150 otb and the BB shoves for 2000 more. I call and lose vs AK. A few orbits later I open A9o to 600 in the hijack at 100/200. The cutoff instacalls. He’s played one hand in my entire time at the table. An uberdonk otb flats. The flop is A62. I check, the nit bets 1400 and the button calls. I’ve 2800 left behind and decide to fold. The hand gets showndown and the nit shows 77 and the button TT. This is a really good example of how much I suck at live poker. My stack is barely bigger than a pot sized bet on the flop and I somehow manage to fold top pair by assigning completely retarded ranges to people. I’m slowly starting to realise that completely different skillsets are requird to be successful online and live. While the fundamentals are the same, it’s extremely flawed to apply online ranges to a live player’s range.

So after making that huge mistake I got my chips in a few hands later when I shove QQ utg+1 and the SB has KK. WP Ian.

I played a 2/5 NL game after. Doubled up early on when I raised Qs2s in mid position and get it in on a QJs5s flop vs 55 and win. For the rest of the day I proceeded to donk my chips away by bluffing the unbluffable and generally playing awful poker.  I finished down $400 in that game. Later on I joined a 2/4 PLO game. Literally in my first hand I get AAxxss and 3bet pre. Full pot AcJd9c flop. Full pot 6x turn to put the guy allin. River is a 7 and he turns over J958 with clubs for 2 pair, a flush draw and a rivered gutshot. Bye bye buyin. The game is only 6 handed and Im raising 70% of pots preflop. 2 nits are up about 3 buyins each which was depressing because they kept getting paid off by just full potting every street with the nuts when they were playing 14/0/1.5 (the 1.5 agg factor coming from potting the nuts). I ended up breaking even in the game which wasn’t a disaster.

Yesterday I played a $175 PLO donkament. Played great poker all day. Was always around or slightly bigger than the average stack. I was allin twice all tournament. once on ATc7c with AAKc6c (lol) vs TTxx and the other time with AAds where I was against AAss allin preflop. Sick board of Q4h88h3h. The guy had AA8x so he had turned trips but I rivered the but flush for the scoop. With about 50 players left I completed AcTcT5 from the SB and saw a 6 way flop of T77. Eventually we get it allin for 1.5 times the average stack and the guy has 77xx for the sick cooler. Pretty depressing to play such good poker all day and go out to a cooler. But I still feel positive that i played such good poker all day. One funny thing was I was at the same table all tournament. 97% of flops were limped. Noone raised from any positione xcept 2 players who only raised AAxx. I was the only person raising preflop with any reasonable frequency.

Afterwards I played a 2/5 NL game because there were no bigger games running. Still felt rusty in a few spots, but managed to book a $900 win. I played one funny hand where I raised 3c6c in late position after 5 limpers. One uber donkc alled from utg. He’d already limped T8o and 45o in EP so his range was huge. The flop came 25T with one club. I cbet 65 into 85 and he called (effective stacks were $800). The turn was the Jc and I was pretty excited because that card was so awesome to barrel. He checked and I bet 175. He tanked and called. The river was an offsuit king and I’m thinking how much I love that card and how I’m going to do something sick like overbet shove.  Surprisingly he leads for $500. I fake tank and fold and he shows me 55. I lolled alot.

Another semi interesting hand I raise 3h4h under the gun, get 5 callers. Flop is a dream Ah5h8s. I cbet 75% pot and get 2 callers. SB donks a Jh turn for $100 with $500 left behind. I elect to flat because there’s a guy left behind me and I’m not sure what the SBs range is so I dont want to really get allin right now. The guy behind folds and the river is a brick Qs. He leads for $250 and I just call because I’m not sure he’ll call with worse if I shove and he may have a higher flush. He tables Ax2h.

The last interesting had I played I limp Q9o in the cutoff after a ton of limpers. I’ve recently won a hand where I called 9sTs in the SB multiway. I led a KQ34fd board after the flop was checked through and ended up winning with ten high at showdown versus a missed flush draw. The button in this hand folded the best hand and has been moaning ever since as if it’s the end of the world. So 7 way flop and I bet 20 into 35 JT2r with Q9 when checked to. The button minraises and I call. Turn is a Q and I check and he instantly bets 80. I think and call. The river is a 4 and I check and he instantly overbet shoves for $350. I’m thinking about how tilted he is and I ask him if he has JT. He mutters yeah I flopped it, but it’s up to you. He looks pretty uncomfortable so I call and he shows T6o – EL OH EL.

I’ve started adding some poker articles to my site. There are only a few up right now due to a limit to the directory structure in my backend. That’s being changed at the moment, so I should have a load more content up by the end of the week. I’m planning on playing 4 or 5 more live donkaments this week. I also wired AUS $20000 to the cage at Crown casino so i can play in the bigger PLO games.

Will give more live trip updates when  I have the chance.

Good luck at the tables and if anyone is in Melbourne for the poker, let me know!


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