Site Updates

Site Updates At the moment I’m in the process of launching the latest version of my site. The first new section will be a selection of poker strategy articles focusing on intermediate and advanced poker theory, though there will be some useful content forplayers of all levels.

I’ve written some of the content myself and have also commissioned some articles from a well known poster on 2+2 and another player from boards. I’m really excited about this content as it will really help every poker player out there to improve their thought processes and ultimately their winrates.

The second new section that will be launched will just be site based promotions. We’ll be giving out free memberships to some of the biggest poker training websites, as well as giving details on how to get a full years subscription to these sites for free. We’ll also be adding the opportunity for our players to get free tracking software such as Holdem Manager and Pokertracker 3, software modifiers IPSkinner, IBolide and the minimaxmod and datamining/table selection tools from SpadeEye.

If you’re interested in any of these, leave a comment or keep an eye on for updates.

Later in the summer, we’re going to be launching a more interactive site with forums and some sick new features that I can’t talk about here quite yet. They will be of huge value for every poker player and best of all, completely free of charge. Check my blog or the site for updates on the details.

There’s nothing exciting in Melbourne right now. I’m on a really bad schedule and keep going to bed at 6am and getting up at 1pm. My ISP is setting me up on the 13th so that will be a a massive relief to finally have my own broadband connection again.

Online, my heater continued until a few days ago, when I played badly, played worse, tilted and didn’t quit soon enough. I ended up down more than $7000 for the day. I was still up more than $10000 for the week, but I was really disappointed in myself. I had been winning over $2k in that session in spite of knowing I knowing I was only playing my C game and fuzzy headed. I kept telling myself to quit but continued to play out of boredom or for some othe runknown reason. This is very very frustrating as I have been playing B+ or better poker for the majority of the past 6 weeks. I cashed out my entire online bankroll, so I’m currently taking a week or two off to focus some more time on updating my website updated and giving more value back to the users of my site.

I’m going to Crown Casino tomorrow to play some live cash for the first time in a few months. The last time I played live cash in Australia was around Christmas in Star City, Sydney. I’m hoping the games in Crown are equally soft.

Will post a trip report in a few days.

Someone sent me this link in a gmail conversation this week. I’d recommend that everybody reads it:

It’s an article about performance anxiety and is well worth reading!

Until next time…


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