May so far

May has continued where April left off and my good results have continued thus far. I havn’t been getting big volume in as I’ve been pretty busy with other stuff.

Here’s this month’s graph so far:



I started swimming again 2 days ago for the first time in several years. I’m a very weak swimmer and hate being out of my depth in water. Almost drowning while white water rafting in India last June hasn’t helped to increase my comfort levels.

The pool in my apartment block is awesome, it’s a 25M pool just for the residents and almost nobody uses it from what I’ve seen. My first session was tough. I managed 2 lengths before I thought my lungs were going to burst. After that, I had to swim one length of front crawl at a time with 30 second breaks in between. I managed to do 20 lengths or so. My technique is a massive problem as I find the breathing difficult and find I’m always in race mode and unable to pace my stroke. I’m hoping to swim a minimum of 4 days a week in the mornings before I play poker/do anything else. Hopefully, my technique/endurance will gradually improve with a view to doing some triathlon training in the winter/spring and competing in my first triathlon in the Australian summer next year. I can comfortably run 7k at a decent pace and cycling is fairly easy, so the swimming is by far the biggest obstacle I need to overcome.

As much as I loathe live poker, I’m looking forward to playing 4 or 5 of the events in the Melbourne Poker Championships. The events I’ve shortlisted to play in are:

$175 NLHE
$175 PLO
$230 NLHE 100k guaranteed
$2700 NLHE Main event
$550 NLHE 6max – Definite

I am still selling a % if anyone is interested.

Not much else planned for this week. Going to see Wolverine midweek and have to start working on some content for my site.

If you want to buy a % or can give me some advice on swimming, leave me a comment.

Adieu for now.


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