First Month Back

The last month has gone great poker wise. I’ve put in a reasonable amount of hours and have had excellent results. I’ve been back playing 35 days thus far and try to play for at least 1-2 hours a day. I’ve been running well too, about 4k above EV.

Here’s my graph including rakeback:

At the moment I’m organising everything for my apartment – internet, cable tv etc. We just got our phone line connected today and we were told the internet connection might take 10-20 days so we’re still leeching off a neighbor. I bought a 3 USB wireless broadband modem. Absolutely useless piece of crap. Slower than dialup, I’m told because of our location.

Meant to be going to the MCG this weekend to see another Aussie Rules game. Last week we saw Carlton vs the Bulldogs in the Telstra Dome (next door to our apartment). Really good game to watch live though it drags on a little. There are 4 25 minute quarters and after every goal, the referee has to wait for a signal to restart the game. This is ebcause the TV companies run ads after a goal is scored, so it really slows down the game.

Have been back in the gym again the last 3 days. After just 10 days away, my cardio levels have already dropped alot. Going to be doing 4 days a week in the gym and hopefully 7 days a week in the pool. Still making strength gains, so nothing to worry about on that front.

Everything else is pretty quiet. it’s coming into the Aussie winter, so it’s starting to get really cold out (12C is freezing here). Hopefully the temperatures don’t drop too much, but on the upside it’s an excuse to get the hands in 🙂


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