New House

Yesterday, I moved into an awesome one bed apartment in the Docklands, right in the centre of Melbourne. We’ve access to a fully equipped gym and an olympic sized swimming pool that are free for tenants of the building. We’re also a 30 second walk from the Etihad Stadium/Telstra Dome, 3 minutes from the cities main train station and about 10 minutes walk from Crown Casino.

Really happy about the new place. we plan to stay here for the next 12 months and possibly longer depending on how these 12 months go.

One of the best things about the move is that we have some friends from home living out here as well. It’s made the transition really easy as we’ve had people to hang out with all the time.

I played almost no poker on the weekend. I got about 500 hundred hands in on Friday night and that’s about it. We’re still waiting for internet/phone/cable tv to be installed in our apartment, so right now I’m leeching off a neighbour’s unsecured wireless 🙂

The Melbourne Poker Championship is starting at the beginning of May in Crown. Depending on my mood, I might play 4 or 5 of the events. Because I am very inexperienced at live poker, I’m probably going to sell some action for some of the bigger tournaments. If you’re interested in buying a piece of the action, let me know.Obviously 1% will be sold at face value.

Here’s the schedule for the Melbourne Poker Championship.

Leave a comment here for me and I’ll get in touch.



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