Back To The Blogosphere

After quite some time away from blogging, I decided to start a new blog. The remnants of my old blog can still be found here.

I deleted most of the old cringewworthy poker related content off it a long time ago.

So some life updates:

I’ve was traveling with 5 friends from Ireland since June last year until December. We started in India, then went to Nepal, Hong Kong and China. After that, I went to Australia to spend time with my brother and his family for Christmas and unfortunately, all the group have gone their separate ways since. In January I moved to Hong Kong and lived in a tiny little house about the size of my bedroom back home. I spent 3 weeks in Japan in February and now I’m back in Melbourne in Australia, with my girlfriend. We just finalised a leasing agreement for an awesome apartment in the centre of the city and moving in on Sunday.

Loving the city already.Nice atmosphere, loads of things to do, massive emphasis on outdoor activites, great tram system and a million other cool things.

I also just launched  a poker rakeback site. I’m really happy with how everything turned out design wise. For anyone who’s interested in taking a look, click here to see all our great rakeback offers.

Within 4 weeks I’ll be adding a poker strategy section. This will include a collection of intermediate to advanced poker strategy articles.  I’ll be linking to some of the articles on this blog, so keep checking back on the site for regular updates and new content. There will  be some really valuable content for all standards of players from beginners starting out to people who already beat mid stakes 6 max games. We also have some pretty sick features that we’ll be launching once our strategy section is live. Think free poker coaching/videos with no conditions and no requirements other than being a member of our site.

I’m also launching 2 other poker related business ventures that I’ll talk about more when they’re ready to be rolled out.

Pokerwise, I just started playing again last month after a 5 month break from the game. I had 2 sick downswings, 30k and 20k. I grinded back to even from both downswings, but after that, I decided I needed a break.

In March, I started back playing SSNL (.50/1 and 1/2) and am now back playing MSNL games. My first month has been pretty good with a total profit of $11k thus far. It feels good to come back after such a long break and to still be able to beat the games with a good winrate. All the posts on the poker forums talk about how the poker economy is dying and how there’s no eays money left in poker, but my first month has indictaed the exact opposite. While the games are undoubtedly tougher, it’s still very easy to make an extremely good living if you have the ability and the work ethic.

On a side note, if you have a poker blog or other poker site, and you’d like to swap a link with me, just let me know. My rakeback site also has a great referral scheme that guarantees to give you a higher % than any of our competitors. Leave me a comment or better still sign up on my site to get involved.

Gl at the tables.



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